Clinical research

Our solution

The AcuPebbleTM is a wearable medical device that fundamentally improves the measurement of respiratory biosignals by providing more accurate data and enabling the continuous monitoring of patients at home.

The AcuPebbleTM sensor is placed on the neck of the patient to record the respiratory and cardiac acoustic signals. Then patented signal treatment algorithms extract from those signals the main parameters required for the diagnosis and treatment of a number of important conditions such as Sleep Apnoea, Epilepsy, Asthma and COPD.

More about our technology

AcuPebble devices

The benefits

Enables better research

  • More accurate physiological parameters and biomarkers
  • Raw acoustic signals for more detailed analysis

Lower clinical trial costs

  • Eliminates the need for patient stays in clinics
  • Does not require specialist to operate device or to manually interpret signals

Improve patients’ experience

  • Non-invasive, wireless and easy to use
  • Patient can carry on with normal life
AcuPebble devices

About clinical research

Clinical research is the gathering of information to use in the development of safe and effective new approaches to healthcare, including clinical evidence to improve our understanding of certain medical conditions.

Current methods for the continuous monitoring of respiratory parameters are sub-optimal. They often require research subjects to remain in a controlled clinical environment, or are limited to spot checks.

The AcuPebbleTM sensor addresses the problems of existing measuring devices, providing more accurate data and significantly lowering the average cost of clinical research by eliminating the need for stays in clinics.

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