About us

Acurable is a fast-growing medical devices company headquartered in London. Our purpose is to continuously advance our understanding and measurement of human biosignals through technology, so nobody dies of a treatable condition ever again.

Acurable vision

Our technology

Acurable commercialises the AcuPebbleTM sensor, the first wearable medical device able to accurately diagnose and manage respiratory conditions at home. Our award-winning patented technology is a major engineering innovation and the product of 10 years research at Imperial College London.


5x more accurate readings than current solutions, enabling automated diagnosis and drastically reducing misdiagnosis.


Non-invasive and no training required, enabling home use without the assistance of a specialist or a visit to the hospital, which significantly lowers overall costs.

Our Products

Our technology can fundamentally improve the diagnosis and management of several of the most important respiratory conditions, starting with sleep apnoea.

Interested in our products?

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