Frequently asked questions

Obstructive sleep apnoea is a serious respiratory condition that causes sufferers to repeatedly stop breathing while they are asleep, usually due to obstruction of the airway. The main symptoms include loud snoring, making choking noises while you sleep, or feeling very tired during the day. It can affect people of any age or gender. Lifestyle factors such as smoking, being overweight, and a lack of exercise can all increase the risk of sleep apnoea. Sleep apnoea can have serious health implications if left untreated, so you should contact your doctor if you are concerned.

AcuPebble SA100 works on the principle of acoustic sensing of physiological body sounds, such as respiratory and cardiac processes. Our algorithms process the recorded signals to extract information for a sleep apnoea diagnosis.

AcuPebble SA100 is CE marked for use with patients aged 18 and over for the automated diagnosis of sleep apnoea. You should not use the device if you are allergic to acrylate, as you may have an allergic reaction to the adhesive used to hold the sensor in place.

For more information about pricing and using AcuPebble SA100, please get in touch using our contact form.

Healthcare Professionals

If you are a healthcare professional and are interested in using AcuPebble SA100 to test your patients for sleep apnoea, please get in touch using our contact form or by emailing


At the moment AcuPebble SA100 is only supplied via healthcare professionals. If you wish to be notified when the device is directly available to the public, let us know by filling out our contact form. In the meantime, you can tell your doctor about AcuPebble SA100 during your next consultation. If they are interested, they can contact us directly to discuss how to get our device. You may wish to download our product brochure to take with you and show to your doctor, in case they’re not yet familiar with AcuPebble SA100.

Having the CE mark shows that AcuPebble SA100 is approved to be used as a medical device and compliant with European laws for medical devices. The CE certification ensures that there is clinical evidence supporting the use of AcuPebble SA100 for the automated diagnosis of sleep apnoea and that it is safe to use.

Yes, AcuPebble SA100 is fully compliant with GDPR, and Acurable is committed to protecting our user’s privacy and data security. For more details about how we comply with the latest regulations, you can visit our Privacy Policy either via our mobile app or web app.

Yes, the AcuPebble sensor is multi-use and can be reused by multiple patients when cleaned and recharged between uses.

You can clean the AcuPebble sensor by wiping it with a disinfecting wipe. Always use protective gloves if using aggressive disinfectants.

No. AcuPebble SA100 is a medical device for the diagnosis of sleep apnoea, whereas CPAP is a way of treating the condition. If you would like to discuss alternatives to CPAP, contact your doctor.