Clinical Evidence

AcuPebble Ox100 provides clinically validated and fully automated sleep apnea detection

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Clinical trial at the NHS Royal Free Hospital (UK)

Compared AcuPebble to at-home multi-channel polygraphy followed by sleep specialist manual signal interpretation, the current ambulatory gold standard (powered sample of 150 patients). This trial proved:

  • Equivalence to current ambulatory gold standard for sleep apnea detection based on AHI and ODI with 3% and 4% desaturation criteria (94% PPV, 98% NPV).
  • AcuPebble can be used at home, with 100% of patients able to complete the test without training or assistance.
  • Results published in the BMJ Open.
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Clinical trial at the NHS National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery (UK)

Compared earlier AcuPebble version to Polysomnography software during in-clinic sleep test (30 subjects). This trial showed:

  • 90% apnea detection agreement with sleep specialist vs. Polysomnography software 12% agreement (7x more accurate).
  • AcuPebble correctly detected 100% of cases of moderate and severe sleep apnea.
  • Results published by BMJ Open in 2014.

Cost-effective solution

Increased number of tests conducted with the same resources.

  • Simple, requires less staff time and resources per test.
  • Reliable, reduces invalid tests that must be repeated.
  • Efficient, reduces referral to result waiting times.

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Better patient experience

AcuPebble is designed to reduce the burden of sleep apnea testing for patients.

  • Easy to use by patients at home, minimising trips to sleep clinic and overnight stays.
  • Non-invasive device, ensuring a more natural night’s sleep.
  • Reduces the waiting time for patients with a simpler (and faster) patient pathway.

More about patient benefits

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Using AcuPebble app

Fully automated

Using AcuPebble Ox100 fully automates the testing process.

  • Patients complete the study by following the instructions in the mobile app.
  • The study is uploaded by the patient and data is automatically analysed.
  • A clinically validated sleep report is automatically generated and sent to the clinician within minutes.

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