We create accurate and user friendly wearable medical devices intended to be used by patients at home


AcuPebble Ox100

FDA-cleared Home Sleep Testing of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).

  • Over a decade of research and clinical validation.
  • Recipient of top technology awards, such as the XPrize award.
  • Supported by the NHS (the UK’s National Health Service).

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Woman sleeping with AcuPebble on

Technology behind AcuPebble

  • Our products operate on the fundamental principle that physiological body processes such as the respiratory and cardiac functions generate sounds rich in information.
  • The AcuPebble sensor records those internal body sounds in a non-invasive way and transfers them wirelessly to a mobile device.
  • Sophisticated signal processing algorithms are then applied to the signals to automatically extract the main parameters used for the detection, diagnosis and management of important chronic conditions, such as Sleep Apnea, Epilepsy, COPD and Asthma.

Award-winning research

The technology behind our AcuPebble products contains major innovations in sensing, hardware design, physiological monitoring methods, signal processing and mechanical design.

Imperial College London logo Patented technology resulting from over 10 years’ research at Imperial College London led by Acurable’s founder Prof. Esther Rodriguez-Villegas.
XPrize Award logo Winner of an XPrize award, one of the most prestigious technology competitions in the world.
IET Awards logo Winner of an IET Innovations Award, one of the top engineering awards in the UK.
Innovate UK logo Winner of 2 Innovate UK research grants, which recognise research projects with the potential to significantly benefit the UK economy and society.

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